Professional Supports

Professional Supports provide a range of psychological and social work supports to PDD eligible clients and their support networks, including (please see below for more information on each area):

  • consultation,
  • individual counselling,
  • educational and peer support groups, and
  • staff training and resources.

For a referral to our Professional Supports please contact your PDD Client Services Coordinator. To register for groups or to request a staff training presentation, please contact

Disabilities Service providers with Calgary PDD are invited to the Professional Supports Education Series where you may learn more about specific disabilities from professional presenters. Each month from July to December a different topic will cover issues many human service workers face in their daily work. Support yourself, ask the professionals!

Consultation assists with developing action plans to support individuals or to strengthen coping skills of support teams, planning activities and identifying community resources, and liaising with other health care professionals

Individual counselling supports or addresses specific life issues or crisis situations. Plans are created and the individuals supports are assisted in developing strategies and putting them into place.

Educational and peer support groups are offered on a variety of topics such as healthy lifestyle choices, interpersonal skills or to address developmental or life stage issues such as coping with the death of a loved one. New topic areas are offered as needs and interests are identified.

Staff training presentations are offered to Community Disability Services professionals to address building the capacity to support others. Topics the following and presentations can be developed to address specific topics as required:

  • understanding intellectual disability
  • supporting people with specific mental health issues such as schizophrenia, brain injury or substance abuse
  • managing stress and fatigue
  • compassion and team building.
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