Drop-In Rates and Schedule

Drop-In Rates and Schedule

To view our daily drop-in schedule please click the button below.

Drop-In Swim

Public Swim

We welcome all ages and abilities to enjoy our pool. Toys are made available at this time. Public swim will have one lane available during morning swim times. Lanes will not be available during afternoon times.


Sensory Swim

Sensory swim is for people of all ages to enjoy a quieter pool time with no music, natural lighting and a limited capacity. The goal is to reduce crowding, splashing, noise and the use of fluorescent lights. All fitness and play equipment will be available. Age requirements remain the same as public swim.


Rehab Swim

All ages and abilities are welcome at our Rehab Swim! Come with a support person or physiotherapist. A post-rehabilitation specialist can be requested for an additional fee. These drop-in times are designed for you to work on exercises from your physio or occupational therapist. Some rehab equipment will be available.


Deep Water Work Out


Shallow Water Work Out

Children's Play Time

Bring the little ones to this indoor playground and play, play, PLAY in Vecova’s gym! Equipment may vary but includes crash mats, balls, slides, preschool toys, basic gymnastics equipment and plasmacars.

Pickle Ball

Join us for drop-in Pickle Ball! Pickleball is a racket sport in which two players (singles) or four players (doubles) hit a perforated, hollow plastic ball with paddles over a 34-inch-high (0.86 m) net until one side is unable to return the ball or commit a rule infraction.

Strength & Conditioning Room

Come and enjoy a work out in our Strength and Conditioning Room! Equipment includes treadmills, bikes, TRX, functional trainer, hand weights and more. This space will help you meet your fitness goals without the intimidation of a big gym.

Age requirement: Participants must be a minimum of 16 years of age.


Please note that rates are subject to change. Prices include GST (if applicable). Vecova drop-in passes are non-refundable and expire one year from date of purchase. Passes are valid for pass holder only and are non-transferable.

Children under 2 years of age – no charge in the pool

Family – two adults and children from the same family

wdt_ID Admission Type Single Pass 10X Pass
1 Children’s Play Time $2.00 per person N/A
2 Preschooler (2-6 years) $2.50 $22.50
3 Child (7-13 years) $4.50 $40.50
4 Youth (14-17 years) $5.00 $45.00
5 Adult (18-59 years) $9.50 $85.50
6 Adult+ (60+ years) $5.00 $45.00
7 Family $20.00 $180.00
8 Fitness Drop-in (anyone) $10.50 $94.50