Mixed Ability Sport Classes

Mixed Ability Sport

In partnership with Mixed Ability Sport Canada, Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart and Iron Will Karate, we are excited to introduce Mixed Ability Sport to Vecova.


What is Mixed Ability Sport?

It provides a foundation for everyone, no matter their age, disability, gender, etc, to actively participate together, and to share in the benefits that sport brings. Mixed Ability does not mean Mixed ‘disabilities’. The Mixed Ability model focuses on creating a safe, supportive and welcoming space for all individuals in the community and respecting and valuing their diverse backgrounds.


With the help of professional coaches and certified Mixed Abilities trained staff, the two intro sessions will touch on the basics of the chosen sport and get a diverse group of people aged 6-20 together to try something new.

We hope you can join us!

Mixed Ability (Floor) Ringette

In association with Mixed Ability Sport Canada and The Calgary Adapted Hub powered by Jumpstart, Vecova is proud to deliver a ``Try It`` session for the sport of Ringette. Come learn the basic skills and rules of this fast and exciting sport. This introduction to Ringette will be held within a gymnasium and will not include skating.