Improve your skills.

Vecova provides a broad range of learning, training and development programs to assist nonprofits and their employees to better support the individuals we serve. Whether you are new to the sector or an established professional we have a variety of offerings to develop your future career path.

Our instructors have vast experience, making the learning process very enriched. Our programs are accessible and designed to be flexible to your needs.




Training with Vecova

Become a leader in your role.

This leadership series will equip you to become a purpose-driven leader, empower and lead staff, and apply the right skills for a changing work environment. It was developed through extensive research into the specific leadership demands of the sector. This leadership series will benefit both current and emerging leaders.

The learning is suitable for all employees in the disability services sector.

Working effectively in a culturally diverse team.

Vecova’s Intercultural Competence eLearning training program is designed to raise your awareness of cultural diversity in the workplace and build foundational intercultural knowledge and skills. At the end of this course, you will have the awareness to recognize cultural differences, the tools to begin to understand them, and strategies to work more effectively in a culturally diverse context.

The learning is suitable for all employees in the disability services sector.

Building a safer health system.

Vecova’s Medication Administration eLearning and classroom training programs are designed to prepare you to administer medications safely, and to be accountable and liable for your actions in the professional workplace.

The program has been developed by Registered Nurses, in good standing with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA), to provide access to a learning program based on best and safe practices. It meets the accreditation standards for the Alberta Council of Disability Services (Creating Excellence Together) and the Canadian Accreditation Council.

To maintain your Medication Administration certification a refresher course is required every three years. We also suggest a Medication Administration Proficiency Assessment be incorporated once the learner has completed the online course.

Vecova’s provides specialized health training and environmental assessments from a registered nurse to assess consumer care.

This can include:

  • dysphagia management
  • healthy eating and diabetic diets
  • introduction to aging, dementia and care strategies
  • lifting, transferring and repositioning and much more.

Vecova’s Workplace Integration Skills eLearning training program is designed to give you a deep insight into the challenges and opportunities that immigrants experience as they integrate into Canada. This course will enable you to reconcile the differences between Canada and your first culture, develop a deeper sense of belonging in Canada, and become better equipped to help people with their integration journeys.

The learning is suitable for newcomers to Canada as well as those who have lived here for many years. It is also relevant for Canadian-born employees who work with immigrants, including coworkers, clients, and client networks.

Vecova’s Writing Skills eLearning training program is designed to give you a clear understanding of the unique writing demands in the disability services sector.

The learning is suitable for English language learners, as well as other employees who want to improve their plain language skills and learn to document consumer details with more objectivity and accuracy.

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