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About Vecova

'Inclusion, innovation and impact: These words tell the history and future of Vecova.'

- Joan Lee, CEO of Vecova

Vecova is a leading edge, registered and accredited charitable organization that has been meeting the lifelong and changing needs of persons of all abilities and the community since 1969 through our programs and services, social research and innovation and enterprises.





We believe in an inclusive society where differences do not divide us.

We support persons with disabilities to:

  • feel welcomed in the communities where they live, learn and work
  • be active and engaged within the community
  • be included and embraced within the community
  • have the highest attainable standards of wellbeing
  • be resilient and enrich the community
  • feel safe and secure within the community.


We find new ways to drive social change by challenging the conventional way of thinking about how to support persons of all abilities.

  • We design new programs, services, products and processes for Vecova and the nonprofit sector that meet the changing needs of persons with disabilities.
  • We identify, create and implement new business models and processes that ensures Vecova is sustainable.
  • We initiate and participate in opportunities with the nonprofit sector, government, academia and businesses to collaborate and to stimulate new ideas to create transformative change.


We achieve meaningful results by increasing the rate of understanding, support and change in society.

  • We create best and promising practices in disability services to advance opportunities for persons with disabilities to achieve equity.
  • We work together with communities to implement new approaches to effect small and large-scale community change to address societies most pressing needs.
  • We create real-time data and feedback for Vecova and the nonprofit sector, to assist it in developing and adapting interventions as needed.




Building the capacity of persons with disabilities and enriching communities through leadership, innovation and collaboration.


Persons with disabilities are valued and integral members of society.

  • Persons with disabilities are active and engaged within the community.
  • Persons with disabilities are included and embraced within the community.
  • Persons with disabilities have the highest attainable standards of wellbeing.
  • Persons with disabilities are resilient and enrich the community.
  • Persons with disabilities are safe and secure within the community.


  • We value integrity. We operate ethically and with transparency.
  • We value each other. We respect the rights, dignity and worth of all individuals.
  • We value impact. We are intentional in what we do and work towards the achievement of meaningful outcomes.
  • We value engagement. We work with others to achieve success.

Guiding Principles

  • We operate as one organization.
  • We are a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • We are a safe organization.
  • We are a sustainable organization.
  • We support the wellbeing of our employees and consumers.
  • We operate at the highest level of standards and adhere to best and promising practices.
  • We are an innovative organization.
  • We operate with measurable outcomes and are able to demonstrate our impact.
  • We are a strategic and forward-thinking organization.
  • We collaborate with others and work with our consumers to achieve success.


  • Good health and wellbeing for Albertans of all abilities.
  • Adequate, safe and affordable housing for Albertans of all abilities.
  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for Albertans of all abilities.

Social Enterprises

Vecova has a long and strong history in successfully operating social enterprises. Our social enterprises provide employment opportunities for persons with barriers to employment. This is a critical component of Vecova’s offerings, which demonstrate that a business can operate profitably and ethically with an integrated workforce and deliver surpluses for mission driven programs and services.