Winter 2023 Aquatics Fitness

Aquatics Fitness

Sign up for one of our registered Aquatics Fitness programs or stop by to enjoy one of our drop-in classes! Our gentle Aquatics Fitness programs are perfect for those who are just starting to get active or return to fitness after an injury, illness or new diagnosis. These classes will help promote your wellness while you have fun!


These programs are highly recommended for graduates of the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Healthy Living Programs.


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This class mixes deep and shallow water cardio intervals with target training for the abdominals, glutes, hips, thighs and back muscles. Build a core that supports whatever you want to do! At the same time balance strength and stretching of your back muscle groups to relieve pressure and pain in your neck and lower back. Exercise at your own pace and intensity.

If you’re interested in trying out this class first, we also offer two similar drop-in classes:


This class welcomes all levels. The instructor will offer variations to the movements so each individual can choose the level that best suits their needs. As individuals improve throughout the session, they will notice a change in their strength, cardio and balance.


This class promotes improved overall health for people recovering from surgery or injury or people who have limited mobility due to a degenerative disease process, like arthritis. Areas of concentration include increasing range of motion, joint mobility and improving core strength, limb strength, endurance and flexibility. Targeting these areas will improve balance and overall motor function.


This class is a continuation of Aqua Mobility Level 1. Participants will continue to build on their cardio, endurance, strength and balance. Participants should have completed 1-2 sessions in Level 1 before moving to Level 2. Aquatic resistance equipment may be used.