Intercultural Competence, Workplace Integration & Writing Skills

Vecova’s Learning and Development team is pleased to announce a new eLearning Program available to other organizations or individuals interested in growing Intercultural and Writing knowledge.

The Integration eLearning program is a 3 course program in Intercultural Competence, Workplace Integration, and Writing Skills. The courses are designed to raise your awareness on cultural diversity in the workplace as well as workplace integration. You will build foundational intercultural knowledge and skills and gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that immigrants experience as they integrate into the Canadian landscape.

At the end of this program, you will have the awareness to recognize cultural differences, the tools to begin to understand them, and strategies to work more effectively in a culturally diverse context. You will also be enabled to reconcile the differences between Canada and a first culture, develop a deeper sense of belonging, and be better equipped to help others in their integration journeys.

In addition, this program will also give you a clear understanding of the unique writing demands in the disability services sector.

For more information, please visit, under Courses, or email

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