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Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to be a part of something incredible. Join us in our seventh annual Giving Day – supporting inclusivity at VECOVA.

Help us amplify the impact by sharing Giving Day with your friends, family and colleagues. Use the hashtag #VECOVAGIVES to join the conversation on social media!

Live Updates: Follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, X and LinkedIn to experience the energy of Giving Day in real time. Stay connected with our donation progress and engage with inspiring stories using #VECOVAGIVES.

Not sure what to post for VECOVAGiving Day? Here are some examples to get you started.

– I give to @wearevecova because… ….. Support inclusivity  vecova.ca/donate #VECOVAGIVES

– VECOVA Giving Day is November 28, 2023. Visit vecova.ca/donate to give in support inclusivity ! #VECOVAGIVES

– Proud @wearevecova employee/consumer/user. The work they do is incredible, and I’ve donated to help them make the world a more inclusive place. #VECOVAGIVES


Sample Instagram and Facebook Stories

Fund D't Post card Facebook Story

Sample Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn Posts

Fund D't Post card Facebook Story (Instagram Post)