Summer 2023 Specialty Aquatics Programs

Speciality Aquatics Programs

During our Summer program schedule we’ll also be running 2 awesome camps that take place primarily in our pool:

  • Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor (15+)
  • Merkids Camp

You can learn more about our summer camps here.

Interested? Registration for our summer camps is open!

Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor Camp (Ages 15+)

The Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor course prepares the instructor to teach and evaluate the swimming strokes and related skills found in the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program. Candidates acquire proven teaching methods, planning skills, and a variety of stroke development drills and correction techniques.


Why take this at Vecova? Our warm water pool makes the 20 hours of pool time much more enjoyable, plus participants will get real in-water teaching experience with children in our summer camps. Our instructor Rob is pretty fun too! Those interested must be 15 years old and have their Bronze Cross certification.

Merkids Camp

Calling all Merkids! Join us for a fun week of mermaid and merman activities, including land activities and in water merkid activities. Merkids will learn skills like; underwater flips, spins and swims along with a variety of bubble tricks. Dive into this week to experience something fun and different! We accept all budding merfolk that are 8 years and older and are going into Swimmer 4.

Please note: Monofins will be provided for use during the camp. Tail skins are optional and to be purchased by the participants. If participants have their own tail skin and monofin, they are more than welcome to bring it.