Bottle Drives

Bottle drives are a great way to raise money for your community group. Vecova Bottle Depot is experienced and trusted in running bottle drives and we’re happy to help with ideas to make yours profitable.

Book your bottle drive with us and we will provide detailed information on how to run a successful drive. We’ll also provide a staff member on the day of your drive to assist in training, handling, sorting and loading of the truck to make your experience a great one!

You can choose to run a traditional drive or have us sort the product for you:

Basic drive
Your group collects bottles, does all the sorting and counting and we provide the full deposit refund. We can either pick up the sorted bottles at your location or you can sort and count them inside our depot.

Enhanced drive
Your group collects the bottles. We pick them up and bring them to the depot. We sort and count them for a fee and provide a full refund

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