Vecova’s Research and Strategic Services turns research into action and we share our learnings across Canada and around the world. Here are some of our resources we have created.

Community Programs

Be Active, Stay Young and Feel Good
A program to motivate inactive persons with disabilities to increase their level of activity. The program uses a goal and reward structure to increase motivation to become more active and includes tips on how to be active and a daily activity journal.

Dating Violence Awareness 
A program that provides persons with disabilities with information about healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships; stereotypes and gender roles; and power in relationships.

Easy Reading Brochures
A series of easy and accessible information brochures for adults with low English Literacy.

Guard Against Bullying
A program that provides youth with disabilities with the information, the tools and the skills necessary to recognize, understand and make informed decisions for themselves on how to prevent, intervene and take a stand against bullying in their community.

My History, Our Future
A video-based training program for youth and adults with developmental disabilities to learn how to be self-advocates and for their allies to learn how to best support self-advocacy – an important life skill necessary for citizenship and leading a meaningful life.

Staying Active as You Age
A program for aging adults about the importance of staying active and accessing regular physical activity as you age. It focuses on the importance of working on flexibility, muscle fitness, cardiovascular fitness, balance and activities to prepare for exercising.

Think then Drink: Knowing When Enough is Enough
A program that provides youth with disabilities with the information and the tools needed to make safe choices about drinking alcohol. The program covers such topics as: an introduction to alcohol; peer pressure, coping and refusing skills; safety and risk; and the social impact of alcohol.

Trend Reports and Research Briefs

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