Randy’s Story with Vecova’s Employment Services

July 22, 2021
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Randy's Story with Vecova's Employment Services

  Vecova’s Employment Services gives people who face barriers to employment the support, tools and skills they need for the workplace.   This is Randy’s story:   Randy was one of many people who face barriers to employment that was in search of work that utilizes his skills in Alberta. Through Vecova’s Employment Services, he was able find two jobs between SAIT and Forward Housing.   Vecova provided him with extensive support in his search for employment – from career planning to job search design and skills training, to workplace integration. He was soon hired by both SAIT and Forward Housing.   At SAIT, Randy worked as a custodial staff member to pick up litter from parking lots and sidewalks. SAIT is a polytechnic institute home to over 110 different programs in technology, trades and business.   With Forward Housing, Randy worked at the Caroll Place location where he mopped the ground floor and all residential areas. He has even helped with some of the outdoor landscaping. Forward Housing, formerly known as Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association, works to ensure every Calgarian has safe and affordable housing since 1975.   Due to the pandemic and the challenges it has presented, including moving classes for SAIT students online, Randy is currently not working. However, he continues to do really well and strives to stay busy and active. We want to acknowledge the importance of doing things that you enjoy to keep your mind and body happy in these unprecedented times.   Vecova is proud to have been able to help Randy and will continue to support him as the province opens, along with others in our Employment Services. To learn more, click here.    

Watch our Q&A with Randy:

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