The transition from childhood to adulthood can be both exciting and challenging for youth and their families.

In partnership with the Rocky View School District, Vecova provides support to youth with disabilities and their families to navigate the path from youth to adulthood.

We create road maps to the future that are developed with the youth and their network (i.e. family, guardians, teachers, etc.) that:

  • reflects the youth’s interests and vision for the future
  • assists youth in finding activities and employment opportunities they would like to participate in adulthood
  • identifies and builds upon the youth’s strengths and natural support systems
  • promotes the youth’s greatest level of independence and inclusion in the community
  • identifies and addresses the youth and their family’s needs during the transition period
  • prepares for the necessary supports and services to be in place when the youth turns 18
  • educates parents on what the adult world can look like for persons with a disability to help set expectations

We also provide work skills training, work study or work experience placement. The work study consists of 25 hours at a work site and the work experience consists of 75 to 250 hours.

Work placements are chosen from a variety of hosts based on the youth’s interest and what skills and knowledge the student hopes to gain through this experience.








Helping Youth Find Their Careers

Our Youth Program team partners with The Clothesline in Cochrane to support high school students with developmental disabilities like Kierra as she learns new skills and gains independence at her work experience placement! Kierra completes two shifts a week at The Clothesline.