How Supporting Youth Empowerment Is Important in Today’s Landscape.

May 30, 2024

Vecova’s commitment to youth development extends far beyond mere accommodation; we strive to lead the charge in fostering inclusivity and removing barriers that might otherwise limit the full potential of our young participants. At the heart of Vecova's youth programming lies a belief in creating a future where every individual, regardless of disability, is afforded the chance to grow and succeed. We go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements; we embrace, welcome, and actively seek to integrate young people with disabilities into our community. “Every other Recreation Centre in Calgary accommodates us and tolerates us because that’s what’s required of them; that is the law. But Vecova welcomes us. Embraces us. Wants us. We feel like we belong here and are part of a community – and that is priceless.”

One of our flagship youth programs is the Mixed Ability program in collaboration with Jump Start. The program offers an inclusive space where youths between the ages of 6-20 can try several new sports, learn new activities and participate in living an active life. The cost of the program is deliberately kept low at $10 for two sessions, ensuring accessibility for all, regardless of financial means. However, our commitment to inclusivity doesn’t end with affordability. Recognizing that true inclusivity encompasses a spectrum of needs, Vecova is continuously seeking out creative avenues of support.

This is where initiatives like our Plant Inclusion campaign come into play. For every donation, or $5 ”Mixed Inclusion” seed package purchased, in partnership with Rogers: Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink, is matching 50% of the donations. These funds are instrumental in sustaining and expanding our youth programming, ensuring that Vecova remains a beacon of inclusivity and opportunity for all young people. As we gear up for another exciting summer, marked by the opening of registration on June 4th for July-August programs, we invite everyone to join us in our mission. While signing up for summer camps, swim classes, and other activities at Vecova, consider donating to the Plant Inclusion campaign. Together, we can sow the seeds of inclusivity and cultivate a future where every youth, regardless of ability, can blossom and thrive.


Join us in creating a future that fosters inclusion and cultivates growth.

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