Third-Party Fundraising

What is a Third Party event?

A third party event is an event organized by a business, group or individual where a charity, like Vecova, is the beneficiary of the proceeds raised at the event. There are many ways you and your company can show your support for Vecova’s programs and services for persons of all abilities through third party fundraising activities.

How can you get involved?

Raise money for a program or initiative

You and your team can organize an event or activity and raise money to support Vecova or a specific cause at Vecova. When deciding on a third-party fundraising activity, consult with your staff and team members to find an activity or event that will appeal to their interests. Optional activities include:

• Donation box at staff party
• School fundraiser
• Jeans Day on Fridays
• Office auction
• Potluck lunch
• Golf tournament
• Walk, run or other sporting activity

Collect items for a program or initiative

Vecova also accepts the donation of gifts-in-kind to support certain programs and initiatives we provide. Currently, Vecova is accepting item donations for our Empower Abilities program:

Empower Abilities
• Mega blocks
• Imaginarium wooden/foam block sets
• Lego
• Duplo sets
• Puzzles
• Magnetic builders
• Tinker toys


Contact the Fund Development team at Vecova to learn more:
(403) 284-1121

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