A World of Opportunities

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Taylor Eveleigh was born with a disability and uses technology to communicate. At 31 years old, he is a university graduate who continues to develop his skills with computer programs and business software.

“From an early age, we realized that the computer was going to be a big part of my life. I learned the alphabet in keyboard format rather than the ABC song. I was always encouraged by family and friends to strive for independence.“

Taylor is an active volunteer and has held many short term jobs, but is seeking an employer who truly understands his abilities. Taylor is finding support from Vecova job coaches and community programs to connect with more people in Calgary, and find a fulfilling career.

“I think all the people who have helped me and supported me over the years are special too! I believe this is a ‘World of Opportunities,’ restricted only by our imaginations. I continue to be optimistic, I know there is a job out there for me.”

Vecova Supports Dreams


Whether it’s minus 30 or 30 degrees, Ken can be seen navigating the city bus system with his heavy photography equipment. Ken’s dream is to be a professional photographer and start his own business. Regardless of the obstacles, he is passionate about his dream. When times and technology change, so has this self-taught photographer, who has dedicated thousands of hours to learning the newest photo software and industry tools to stay competitive.

With help from Vecova, Ken is defying what it means to have a disability. He came to Vecova in the 1980’s to learn skills that would help him become employed and live an independent life. Soon after, he began to discover his natural skills as an entrepreneur, which includes networking, being professionally dressed, and never being late for appointments.
Ken has been a client of Vecova since the 1980s. He began pursing photography over 15 years ago and has been continuously advancing his skills. He has all the equipment of a professional photographer, and is continuously challenging himself by exploring new lighting, settings and techniques. He has been married for 14 years and lives with his wife in Calgary. With Ken’s passion and Vecova’s support, any dream can become a reality.

Finding a Home

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Vecova helps persons with disabilities, such as Donna (pictured left), find a place to call home. Unfortunately there are many people in Calgary who will never know what it means to belong to warm and loving home. Being forgotten and being alone is a reality for many people with disabilities.

With your help, Vecova can help people like Donna to have a place to call her own. Finding a home is hard! Only 3% of homes in Calgary can accommodate a disability and only 0.1% of these homes are affordable. Once a home is found a new chapter in life can begin!

When people move in, new roommates become friends, and quickly become family, regardless of their disability. For over 20 years, Donna has belonged to a warm family who supports each other, looks out for one another, and celebrates the Holidays together. No one is ever forgotten and no one is ever left feeling alone!



Our water wheelchairs are designed for aquatic use. They provide patrons with support and access to our pool, facilities and programs. Through the support of our donors, patrons like Wayne Moses are able to participate in the physical activity of their choice.


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