Adult Swimmer Swim For Life Program

Adult Swimmer Swim For Life Program

Whether you’re just starting out or just want help with your strokes, our Adult program is for the young at heart – no matter what your age. Set your own goals. Work with certified instructors to learn to swim, or improve your current swimming ability and water fitness. You won’t be going to the Olympics, but you’ll develop water confidence and smooth recognizable strokes good enough for lane swimming and fit enough for the beach. We incorporate Lifesaving Society Water Smart® education in all Adult levels.


Swimming lesson availability is subject to change based on staffing and classes will be adjusted accordingly. Additional swimming lesson offerings may be available closer to our registration date. Click here to view our online registration system for the most up-to-date information.


Adult 1: For beginner/new swimmers. You’ll work towards a 10-15 m swim on your front and back. You’ll do jump entries from the side and recover an object from the bottom in chest-deep water. Improve your fitness and your flutter kick with 4 x 9-12 m interval training.


Adult 2: For Intermediate swimmers. Kick it up a notch working on two interval training workouts of 4 x 25 m kicking and front or back crawl. You’ll be able to perform dive entries and demonstrate breaststroke arms and breathing over 10-15 m. You’ll be supporting yourself at the surface for 1-2 minutes, and show off your handstands in shallow water.

Adult 3: This advanced Adult swim level will challenge you by working on completing a 300m Workout, swimming sprints and interval training 4 x 50m of: front crawl, back crawl or breast stroke. You will work on eggbeater, legs only surface support as well as deep water shallow dives. By practicing your underwater swim, you will learn to recover a sunken object from 5-10m away.