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Strength in Abilities 2021 (Virtual Event)

June 18, 2021 - June 27, 2021

Strength In Abilities

Get active at home or in your community while social distancing in support of Vecova! Strength in Abilities is going virtual again in 2021 – and we can’t wait to see what challenges you set for yourself this year.

Persons of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate in this fitness event, which challenges individuals to complete a fitness challenge of their choosing. This might still be a run or walk, but could also be an equivalent amount of any kind of physical activity – from yoga to dancing or using an exercise machine. The possibilities are endless!

Register here for Strength in Abilities 2021!

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Date: Friday, June 18 – Sunday, June 27, 2021

Time: Anytime

Location: Anywhere – as long as social distancing is followed

Registration: Register here for Strength in Abilities 2021!

Participants can choose one of the following challenges to complete:

  • 2K or 15 minute challenge – Individuals only
  • 5K or 30 minute challenge – Individual or Team*
  • 10K or 60 minute challenge – Individual or Team*

*Please note: only individuals living in the same household can apply to participate as a team to ensure social distancing is followed.

Click to read the 2021 Event Overview for more details.



  • During the Strength in Abilities event, participants can complete a fitness activity of their choice. This might still be a run or walk, but could also be an equivalent amount of any kind of physical activity – from yoga to dancing or using an exercise machine. The possibilities are endless!
  • For participants walking or running outside, Vecova encourages participants to map out their route beforehand and to stick to quiet pathways/sidewalks in their own neighbourhood. Be sure to keep plenty of space between others, especially if competing as a team from the same household.
  • No one has to compete alone – challenge family and friends to take part in the Strength in Abilities: Virtual Event!


  • Once Strength in Abilities officially kicks off on Friday, June 18, participants have until Sunday, June 27 to complete their fitness activity.
  • The fitness challenge can take any form of physical activity, and doesn’t have to be taken consecutively. For example, if an individual signed up for the 5K or 30 minute challenge, they can complete it all at once in half-an-hour, or complete ten minutes of physical activity over three days.
  • To help participants complete their fitness challenges, Vecova will be releasing activity tips and suggestions to make the challenge more fun and engaging!
  • Review the Activity Calendar tab or check our social media accounts for daily ideas and inspiration for completing the fitness challenge. These are optional ideas for participants and are not mandatory to complete.


Make sure to record results! Complete the form on the Results Form tab. Participants will need to include:

  • Full name
  • Description of fitness activity completed
  • Screenshot of time results (if possible)


Take Strength in Abilities further with these daily activities! Use these tips to complete your activity or make it even more of a challenge. Note: This is not mandatory for participants.

Friday, June 18

Show your support for the community – create an eye-catching sign and include it in your workout!

Saturday, June 19

Time for a Saturday sing-a-long! Share with us what playlist has you energized for your fitness challenge today!

Sunday, June 20

Going running today for your fitness challenge? Run past Vecova and share your best run pose!

Monday, June 21

Pet appreciation – if you’re completing your challenge today, bring your furry friend along for the challenge and share with us!

Tuesday, June 22

Team Tuesday! Share your team name and your best team pose – whether you’re together or apart!

Wednesday, June 23

We’re halfway through Strength in Abilities which means there’s still time to challenge a few more friends, family or colleagues!

Thursday, June 24

Make your fitness challenge stylish! Share your best decade workout look while you complete your challenge.

Friday, June 25

Fundraising Friday – make your challenge go even further! Don’t forget to check out our Fundraising Tips for help on how to get started.

Saturday, June 26

We’re near the end – it’s your last chance to challenge others! Try to get three more friends to participate in the Strength in Abilities event!

Sunday, June 27

We’re at the finish line! Share your best “crossing the finish line” pose!



  1. Use #StrengthInAbilities in all your posts!
  2. Tag @vecova on Facebook and Twitter and @wearevecova on Instagram
  3. Share photos and videos of your #StrengthInAbilities challenge
  4. Need some tips? Download our Social Media Toolkit


  1. Visit Twibbon to update your social media profile
  2. Log into your Facebook or Twitter account
  3. Search for ‘Strength in Abilities’ and click on Vecova’s campaign
  4. Look over the profile picture preview and make any adjustments before finalizing
  5. Repeat the same process for your other account!


  1. Download and print the Digital Race Bib.
  2. Customize the bib with text, colours, stickers and more!
  3. Take a picture with the finished bib and share it with Vecova on social media


Share with family and friends why it is important to participate in this event. Participants can encourage others to support their challenge in whatever way they can. Whether it is a message of support or financial contribution, and help is appreciated.


Visit vecova.ca/strength and follow the Donate Here button to collect donations in honour of an event participant for Strength in Abilities 2021. You can copy and share the link to fundraise with family and friends.


If you’re collecting offline donations in the form of cash, cheque or credit card, download the Strength in Abilities 2021 pledge forms package. Please review the guidelines in the package for instructions on how to collect and record pledges, best practices and how to submit funds collected.




Kick off your fundraising by contributing at least $10 dollars yourself. This will demonstrate your commitment to Vecova’s cause to family and friends.

Suggestion: Encourage people to show their support however they can – let them know that even the smallest donation can make a difference!



Connect with your close family and circle of friends – share your reason for participating in the event. If you can get at least 5 people to commit, you’re well on their way!

Suggestion: Suggest that people redirect money that would have been spent on eating out or buying coffee to your fitness challenge – even $5 can have an impact on reaching your goal.



Go beyond your immediate social circle and approach family-friends, co-workers, and other people in your network. Have information and a link to your fundraising page ready to go!

Suggestion: Utilize your social media channels to easily promote your fitness challenge with a wider group of people. Don’t forget to include a photo and donation link in your post.



Many employers offer employee matching programs. Check your community investment guidelines to see if you can get any donations matched by your company.

Suggestion: Encourage your family and friends to check into their own potential matching programs so they can maximize their contributions to your cause.



Don’t forget to give thanks to all of those who donate to your cause, and be sure to highlight people who go above and beyond! Reach out to them individually or over social media to show how much their support means.

Suggestion: Follow-up with any donors by sending them an email at the end of the event with an update on your fundraising goal and fitness challenge achievement.



During the Strength in Abilities event, you can also challenge others to compete alongside you! Send them a link to the event registration page so they can complete their own challenge and fundraising goal.

Suggestion: Include the link vecova.ca/strength to share more details about the event with your family, friends and colleagues.


Click the button below to email us any pictures or screenshots of your fitness challenge!



All participants will receive a participation certificate for completing your Strength in Abilities challenge.

There are other awards available to win! Vecova will be looking for worthy candidates throughout the event for the following titles:

  • Top Fundraiser: awarded to the participant that raises the most funds for Vecova.
  • Best Challenger: awarded to the participant that challenges the most people to join the event.
  • Strength in Abilities Influencers: awarded to participants that have the most likes/shares on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). More than one participant can win this award.
  • Most Unique Activity: awarded to a participant who completes the most unique fitness activity.
  • Best Race Bib: awarded to a participant/team with the most creative and decorative race bib(s).


June 18, 2021
June 27, 2021
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