Good Health and Wellbeing

Everybody's equal in that pool and they know it. They absolutely know it.


If I’ve learned one thing this past year, it is how essential it is to look after our own health and wellbeing.


Many of us found ways of getting some exercise and keeping up with a self-care routine, maybe jogging through the park or a moment to meditate. Chances are, it wasn’t too much trouble to adjust.


Yet, for persons with disabilities, these options and opportunities are in short supply. A lack of barrier-free and inclusive spaces for health and wellness activities is a challenge, and everyday activities like going for a walk outside can present obstacles that most people don’t think twice about.


Good health and wellbeing for Albertans of all abilities is possible. A gift today of anything you can manage is greatly appreciated. By choosing to support Vecova, a local charity, you’ll be improving local lives. Let me tell you how.


Vecova’s Aquatics, Health and Fitness programming has been a vital part of our work for over half a century, providing an inclusive, welcoming environment that positively impacts the wellbeing of every person who comes through our doors.


Take for example Kristy and her young son Brock, who was diagnosed with a nonverbal form of autism spectrum disorder. Brock takes weekly swim lessons at Vecova’s barrier-free facility in an adaptive swim program, specially designed to provide a safe and inclusive environment where participants can feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment through swimming.


“Getting into the water with people who know him, and instructors who are experienced working with kids with developmental and physical disabilities, it's a godsend,” said Kristy.


“Everybody's equal in that pool and they know it. They absolutely know it.”

While the doors to our Aquatics, Health and Fitness facility have not fully re-opened at this time, we have remained committed to creating ever-improving, inclusive wellness opportunities.


Throughout the past year we’ve been updating and renovating our facility, re-imagining our fitness offerings and creating partnerships to develop new programming that prepares us for the future needs of Vecova’s community.


At Vecova, parents like Kristy can be confident in the knowledge that their children are surrounded by people who understand their needs and make sure everyone feels welcome in the pool. Children like Brock can be free to explore the water in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. Adults whose mobility is lessening with age can also continue being active in a barrier-free facility and warm water pool.


This is possible because of the generosity of people like you.


Whether you give today by mail or securely online at, your gift ensures good health and wellbeing for persons of all abilities is always a guarantee. Vecova puts your gift to work right here in Alberta to improve the lives of people in your ­community – your family, friends and neighbours.


Help us create safe, inclusive and accessible wellness opportunities for Albertans of all abilities. Please consider a gift today.