A Brighter Future

Vecova remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Albertans of all abilities.

Joan Lee, CEO

Could you have ever imagined we would be where we are today?


As I think back to what was happening at Vecova this time last year, I remember feeling a sense of excitement in the air. We were preparing new ways to break down barriers for Albertans with disabilities, and eager to serve more people than ever before. We had ambitious plans for our Mental Health Services, but 2020 demanded something very different. That’s what I want to tell you about in this letter.


You might already be aware that persons with disabilities experience mental health concerns at higher rates than the general population. At the onset of the pandemic, we identified the need to adapt our support model to meet their amplified needs. We quickly added telepsychology to our programming to safely meet increased demand for mental health support. With a more accessible service, Vecova is ensuring Albertans with disabilities can always get the help they need, whenever they need it. So far, the results have been promising and Vecova has:


  • Provided over 1,200 remote counselling sessions to individuals so that they could get the right support at the right time.
  • Increased the capacity of our resident psychologists to ensure all individuals in need of support have someone to talk to.
  • Secured funding to expand our mental health offerings and ensure these services will continue to be available when they are needed.


This is progress that you deserve to be proud of, because it was made possible by our generous community of supporters – including you. Your kindness and commitment gives us the opportunity to serve more Albertans year after year. We can’t do this without you.


Your help ensures Vecova can dream big and remain innovative in our approach to supporting people of all abilities. A gift today of whatever you can manage is greatly appreciated and ensures we can continue to adapt our programs and services during this health crisis to safely support those who need it most.


No one can predict exactly what will happen in the year ahead. But I am confident Vecova will continue to do what needs to be done to support those in need. Vecova remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Albertans of all abilities. And, with you by our side, the future for Albertans with disabilities looks bright and full of reasons to be optimistic.

Your support means we can be an even better Vecova. A Vecova that is ready and eager to put into action our innovative plans to help Albertans of all abilities have a brighter future, including:


  • Exploring more accessible and virtual options in our Wayfinder program, which helps persons with disabilities safely explore and participate in leisure, recreation and civic engagement activities like volunteering at the local food bank. These opportunities help develop support networks and meaningful relationships in the community.
  • Creating virtual supports for job seekers with barriers to employment, from career exploration and planning to job search design and skills training in our Employment Services. This way, Albertans with disabilities can work to maintain their social and economic well-being without sacrificing their health and safety.
  • Providing around-the-clock care and support to individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs in our Housing Services with enhanced safety protocols in place. Many of these individuals are immunocompromised and remain at a higher risk for virus transmission. Our team is going above and beyond to make sure residents still feel connected and engaged as they continue to stay at home.
  • Ensuring our social enterprises – like our Bottle Depot and Bottle Pick-Up Service – continue to serve you safely while providing an inclusive work environment for people facing barriers to employment.


Vecova changes the lives of Albertans every day. But we don’t do it alone. Compassionate and courageous people like you make this possible.


Your donations, whether you decide to give through the mail or through our website at vecova.ca/donate, ensure Vecova continues its vital work for persons with disabilities. Your gift will be put to work right here in Alberta, improving the lives of your friends, family, and neighbours.


The unwavering support of our community keeps Vecova optimistic about the future. Your gift today ensures a brighter future is possible for Albertans of all abilities.