Registration is now open for Spring 1 sessions!

January 31, 2023

Registration for Aquatics, Health and Fitness Spring 1 is now open!


Registration for Vecova’s Spring 1 swimming lessons and all registered programs is now open! Click here to view our inclusive lineup of programs and register through our online registration system.

Registration Tips


As you know, our courses fill up quickly!


Registering online is the best way to try and secure a spot in your preferred course. Our classes generally are full within the first 5 minutes of registration, and that is often quicker than the queue in person or on the phone line.


In an effort to help you with online registration, we’ve collected some tips from community members like yourself to ensure a smooth registration process.


  • Create your account ahead of time.
  • Have your credit card information saved on your file.
  • Log on before 8:00 am and add the course you want to register for to your Wish List.
  • Click register when it is exactly 8:00 am on the day of registration
  • If a course is full, join the Waiting List.
  • Our online registration software is accurate when it comes to availability in all courses.
  • We recommend calling after 10:00 am on registration day for non-urgent questions or comments.
  • If a program is showing at capacity before registration opens, this could mean people have it in their cart and does not necessarily mean it is full. We still recommend trying to secure your spot.


Good luck – and we’ll see you at Vecova!