July 18, 2022

During Disability Pride Month, join Jeremy for a day at work!


As of 2011, persons with disabilities are employed at a rate of 49% in comparison to people without disabilities, who are employed at a rate of 79%. Myths about hiring persons with disabilities, a lack of inclusive workplaces and more all contribute to a lower rate of employment for persons with disabilities.


Vecova’s Employment Services helps persons with disabilities find a job by providing job skills training, mentoring, on-the-job and retentions support and more.


Jeremy is a man with a disability who found employment with the help of Vecova’s Employment Services. He works at Tarik’s No Frills, where he helps keep the workplace clean and sorts cardboard for recycling.


“He does a great job, he’s incredible,” says Tony, Jeremy’s manager. “He cleans everything greatly, crushes cardboard for us, does a great job so I think him so much for the hard work.”


Click on the video below to find out what a day at work looks like for Jeremy!

Vecova is committed to creating inclusive, accessible and high-quality programs and services for persons with disabilities. We are prioritizing inclusion and building a future for people of all abilities where everyone is valued, belongs and thrives.


Your gift during Disability Pride Month can help us accomplish #InclusionForEveryone. A gift to Vecova of $35, $50, $100, or whatever you can manage, allows us to keep working towards #InclusionForEveryone.