May 29, 2022

Join Vecova as we celebrate National AccessAbility Week!


It’s National AccessAbility Week! Join us from May 29 to June 4, 2022 to celebrate the contributions of Canadians with disabilities, highlight the work of individuals, organizations and communities who are breaking down barriers, and commit to building a better, more accessible and more inclusive Canada for everyone.


Vecova is proud to provide programs and services that make our community accessible to people of all abilities, including our:


  • Employment Services, which makes jobs accessible people with barriers to employment in support of building a more inclusive workforce.
  • Housing Services, which makes inclusive, appropriate, safe and affordable housing accessible to Albertans of all abilities.
  • Youth Program, which helps youth of all abilities and their families navigate the path from youth to adulthood and makes work skills training, work study and work experience placement accessible to youth of all abilities.
  • Training, which provides accessible and flexible learning opportunities to help people of all abilities develop their career in the disability and nonprofit sector.
  • Mental Health Services, which makes mental health care accessible to people of all abilities and their support networks to help them get the right support at the right time.
  • Aquatics, Health and Fitness, which provides inclusive programs to support the good health and wellbeing of people of all abilities in our accessible facility. We offer swimming lessons in our barrier-free warm pool, drop-in sessions at our accessible and adaptive Strength & Conditioning Room and more!
  • Wayfinder program, which makes our community accessible to people of all abilities through leisure, recreation and civic engagement activities that help to develop support networks and meaningful relationships.


Follow us on social media during National AccessAbility Week to discover how Vecova makes our community accessible to people of all abilities in support of #InclusionForEveryone!



There are many events being held around Canada during National AccessAbility Week, including Red Shirt Day on June 1, 2022! Wear red on June 1 at your school, workplace and more to show your commitment to helping create a fully accessible society that supports #InclusionForEveryone.


Follow the hashtags #InclusionForEveryone, #NAAW2022, #RedShirtDay and more on social media to show your commitment to creating an accessible society for people of all abilities, learn how organizations like Vecova are making our community accessible to people of all abilities, and to participate in events around Canada.