February 11, 2022

You can help bring accessible recreation to people of all abilities!

We’re now in the month of February and already well into our New Year’s resolutions (or, more likely, we’ve completely given up on them). So many of us have made promises to be active and try new things. We always have the best of intentions when we make these commitments, but sometimes they’re hard to keep!


The intimidation of the typical gym environment often stops us from signing up. The stress and anxiety of the day-to-day can make it hard to try something new. Or, even finding the right program that meets your level of fitness and comfort can be difficult.


Fortunately, Vecova’s Aquatics, Health and Fitness is a safe place for people of all abilities. If you’re just starting to get active or returning to fitness after an injury, illness or new diagnosis. If you’re looking to get toned or build your cardio. Or, if you are wanting to strengthen the bond with your child while increasing your strength and endurance, we have a program for you!


At Vecova, there are no bounds as to how you want to achieve your health and wellbeing goals!


Vecova is committed to providing accessible health and wellness and recreational opportunities for Albertans of all abilities. We have a brand-new Strength and Conditioning Room, which is completely adaptive and accessible. We have specialized programming that allows persons with specialized needs such as dementia, developmental disabilities and/or motor delays or disabilities to explore opportunities and try new things. And, of course, we have Calgary’s only warm pool, which is perfect for those who have mobility challenges.


A community like Vecova – one that is supportive, inclusive and welcoming – can make a huge impact on a person’s ability to recover, rebuild or reimagine their wellness journey.


Your gift today can help us accomplish #InclusionForEveryone. Your donation will allow us to continue to create high-quality recreational and fitness programming that is inclusive and accessible.


We hope to see you all soon,


Kelly Holmes-Binns

February is Recreation Therapy Month!

Check out our #InclusionForEveryone hashtag on Twitter and other social media platforms. We’ll be sharing more about Recreation Therapy Month and Vecova’s other programs and services!