October 8, 2021

Vecova’s Time Capsules: Celebrating our past, present and future


In 2019, to celebrate Vecova’s 50th Anniversary, two time capsules buried in 1969 and 1995 were unearthed and opened in collaboration with Vecova’s Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors.


A lot of effort went into finding and opening the time capsules. It involved the support of a conservation expert – as well as jack hammers, drills and saws – to dig into Vecova’s past as we celebrated all the organization has accomplished through its long-standing history.



In early 2020, Vecova’s Fund Development, Community Engagement and Communications team began putting together the materials needed from the previous year for a new time capsule. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work on this project was delayed and resumed in late 2020.


In order to best preserve the contents from 2019, as well as mementos from the previous time capsules in 1969 and 1995, a dedicated time capsule container with preservation materials and security features was purchased to safely store the wide variety of objects included.


Some of the items placed into the 2019 Time Capsule include memorabilia from Vecova’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, stamps and coins from 2019, renderings of the new facility plan, a copy of the Calgary Herald, a copy of the Accessible Canada Act, and a book that features a collection of images, letters, quotes and stories from Vecova’s community in 2019.



The 2019 Time Capsule has now been closed and sealed for the next 50 years. In the meantime, the time capsule will be placed into secure storage until a more permanent home is created in the new facility. All other items uncovered in the previous time capsules have also been organized and placed into secure storage.


Vecova’s 2019 Time Capsule is a legacy and will share our current vision, hopes and dreams with those who will follow us and carry on Vecova’s future.