Garett’s Story with Employment Services and Wellness Services – Wayfinder

September 29, 2021

Garett’s Story with Vecova’s Employment Services and Wayfinder program


Vecova’s Employment Services gives people who face barriers to employment the support, tools and skills they need for the workplace. Our Wayfinder program helps one to explore and participate in leisure, recreation and civic engagement activities, pursue educational interests and develop support networks and meaningful relationships.


This is Garett’s Story:


Garett is a young man facing barriers to employment who is committed to learning and developing his skills to attain meaningful work. With Vecova’s Employment Services and Wayfinder program, Garett has been able to gain and grow his skills for the workplace.


Spending two years attending Vecova’s Employability Skills group, Garett has learned many different skills on topics including resume and interview skills, health and safety in the workplace, and boundaries in the workplace.


One of the skills he learned during his safety lessons was proper lifting for picking up and putting down objects. Proper lifting is an important practice that ensures the safety of the person lifting. Knowing its importance, Garett wants to share what he learned. In the video below, watch Garett demonstrate proper lifting.

Proper Lifting

  1. Position yourself around the item in a way that is most comfortable for you 
  2. Slowly get down onto one knee 
  3. Pick up the item using your legs and not your back 
  4. Ask for help if needed 
Put Down
  1. Put the item back down by bending your legs and putting one knee on the ground 
  2. Use your legs and not your back 
  3. Ask for help if needed 

Garett enjoys watching movies and playing video games. He loves his family and hockey, owning a large hockey jersey collection he is very proud of. He even sports a Boston Bruins jersey in the video!


With 6 years of experience cleaning wood shops through vacuuming and dusting, he hopes to find a job complimenting his past experience and to show off his skills.


Vecova is proud to continuously support Garett and others like him as they advance their skills and careers. To learn more about Vecova’s programs and services for Albertans of all abilities, including our Employment Services and Wayfinder program, click here.


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