Happy New Year Message

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year! A message from Joan Lee


As we usher out 2020 and welcome 2021, I have been reflecting on the past year. No doubt, like many of you, I continue to grapple with and try to make sense of the occurrences of what would be charitably described as a challenging year. In some respects, the year has gone by in a blur and in other it has moved painfully slow.


In early 2020, we listened and watched what was occurring around the world and start preparing ourselves for something with the understanding that we had no idea how it was going to affect us personally and professionally. By March we were in full response mode, focused on the health, safety and security of employees, consumers, and those near and dear to us. By August we were adapting to our new operating structures, with new practices and innovations to keep our community engaged and safe. Then in November we were once again forced to react to resurging cases which seriously affected our entire society.


At some times, the challenges may have seemed insurmountable. However, the incredible compassion, support and selflessness from the entire Vecova community helped us overcome all of the obstacles that we faced. Our employees continued to prove their excellence and continued to provide quality services to our consumers and to forge ahead with our plans for Vecova’s future.


Our consumers, including those in our Housing, Aquatics, Health and Fitness, Bottle Depot, Bottle Pick-Up Services and more, supported us in extraordinary ways. Every time we reached out, we were given an unprecedented amount of support. From the donations of hand-sanitizer and PPE, which allowed us to continue to safely provide services to our consumer base, to the monetary contributions which allowed us to pivot and be flexible in our service delivery, I cannot overstate how grateful we are for the community. We could not have done this without the encouragement, patience and donations of the numerous Albertans who decided to make Vecova part of their year. This support will guide us through 2021 as we adapt to the uncharted waters of a world dealing with a pandemic.


As the year draws to a close and the New Year will be upon us, another chapter in Vecova’s history closes and together we will write a new chapter. One that propels us forward, builds on our work of the years past with our sights set on achieving our mission. I look forward to it with much anticipation and I know Vecova will continue to provide our communities with the same innovative and invaluable service that we are so well known for.


Thank you to all of our incredible supporters, volunteers, donors and the entire community.


Take care, stay well and cheers to 2021!


Joan Lee

Chief Executive Officer

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