Welcome To Vecova

We are Vecova

June 1, 2020

We are Vecova. Exploring ability and possibility.

Today, we would like to reintroduce ourselves to you.


We’re dynamic. We’re confident. We’re progressive.


We’re Calgarians. We’re Albertans.


We’re inclusive. We believe diversity drives innovation. We’re actively transforming our world.


We’ve worked tirelessly for the past half-century to serve persons of all abilities, the greater Calgary community and to create a more sustainable future for all.


We’re proud to create a welcoming space where everyone feels a sense of belonging and community. We’re proud to be located on the traditional territories of First Nations Peoples of Treaty 7 and the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3.


And, today begins a new phase at Vecova!


We are pleased to announce the launch of Vecova’s new Brand. Our new Brand is how we will identify, live and share our Brand Promise to you. It defines who we are, why we do what we do and our unique value and importance to the communities we serve. It’s our social contract between Vecova and you – our consumers, our employees and the community.


We are Vecova. Exploring ability and possibility. And, we are just getting started!



Joan Lee
Chief Executive Officer