Vecova’s 2nd Annual Strength in Abilities Run

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What an incredible day! 69 participants showed up in support of our Strength in Abilities Run on June 25th, 2017 ready to run, walk or roll to raise funds for persons with disabilities in Calgary. We even had a few participants who dared to take a path less travelled and went off-roading amongst the trees. We salute your ambition and appreciate your dedication and patience!

On behalf of Vecova and its clients, we thank all of our 2nd annual Strength in Abilities Run and Walk participants and volunteers for joining us in celebration of Canada’s accomplishments in the field of disability and in honour of those who find strength in their abilities. And of course, thank you for your support of the work that Vecova does to help people with disabilities and their families thrive.

Finally, thank you to all of the Vecova staff, board members and clients who participated and/or volunteered their time to help us make this day successful: your efforts are truly appreciated.
We are very grateful for the support that you all have shown our community. You have made a difference!

Congratulations to the first, second and third place top times for each race: Participants with the top times will be contacted by email this week, so keep an eye on your inbox!

10K Top Times
1st place: Justin Doll, 5104, 46:31
2nd place: Meredith MacDonald, 5107, 47:02
3rd place: Larry Hannant, 5998, 49:02

5K Top Times
1st place: Brendan Casement, 4114, 25:45
2nd place: Micah Koyata, 4129, 28:02
3rd place: Melody Koyata, 4128, 28:02

2K Top Times
1st place: Katherine MacLennan, 2983, 12:51
2nd place: Marie Oystrick-MacLennan, 2965, 12:51
3rd place: Sebastian Rossi, 2996, 13:95

Congratulations to all of our participants for their support, dedication and enthusiasm! Please find your race times below. Names are sorted by time for each race:

K. Guiry, 5355, 53:09
L. Brown, 5102, 55:30
V. Lupas, 5103, 56:21
T. Fatimehin, 5994, 57:09
J. Seddon, 5995, 57:15
C. Ibeabuchi, 5354, 58:16
B. Burns, 6000, 59:12
M. Demerse, 5999, 1:00:28
S. Regehr, 5105, 1:02:22
M. Hammett, 5993, 1:02:23
D. Lahoda, 5356, 1:08:12
S. Douglas, 5101, 1:16:30

R. Cross, 4125, 29:00
L. Meyer, 4126, 30:29
M. Almagro, 4116, 31:55
K. Tanner, 4127, 32:16
J. Stinson, 4110, 32:28
M. Mashkournia, 4112, 36:10
K. Millis, 4111, 36:10
P. Winnitoy, 4107, 36:14
A. Richer, 4124, 36:57
S. Canon-Almagro, 4115, 37:51
D. Lemky, 4102, 38:03
K. Phippen, 4108, 38:49
R. Reimer, 4117, 38:49
M. Scrimgeour, 4113, 38:49
S. Estey, 4130, 39:08
S. Pratt, 4118, 40:24
B. Lawrence, 4121, 48:46
J. Lee, 4101, 49:31
Z. Farrell, 4122, 50:48
P. Farrell, 4120, 51:27
J. Galandy, 4104, 54:14
M. Galandy, 4105, 54:49

R. Rossi, 2997, 13:96
E. Wison, 3959, 15:54
F. Wilson, 3958, 15:54
T. Eveleigh, 2956, 17:50
M. Honeychurch, 17:50
S. MacDonald, 3957, 18:10
J. Aquin, 2708, 21:48
C. Truong, 2702, 21:48
C. Robinson, 2999, 24:12
Y. Martodam, 2998, 24:22
B. Robinson, 3960, 24:22
D. Guiry, 3956, 26:12

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.14.08 PM

We appreciate the support of our sponsors and donors, who helped make this event a success. With your generous contributions, we are able to build the capacity of persons with disabilities and enrich communities through leadership, innovation and collaboration.

Thank you to our main sponsors:

  • Sceptre Communications
  • SysGen Solutions Group
  • Imagine Wireless

Thank you to our donors:

  • Orangetheory fitness
  • Northland Panago Pizza
  • Jamesons Irish Pubs
  • Wild Rose Brewery
  • Fiasco Gelato
  • Cowboys
  • Analog Coffee
  • Fin-Wall Site Services
  • World Health
  • Kensington Wine Market
  • Spruce Meadows
  • Soft Rock 97.7fm
  • Aussie Rules Piano Bar
  • Cookies By George
  • Bodhi Tree Yoga
  • Canadian Tire
  • Safeway Garrison Woods
  • Roots Canada
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