Vecova Bottle Pick-Up Gets New Team Member

John Syratt is the newest member of the Vecova Bottle Pick-Up Team. We are excited to welcome him in joining in our effort to make it easier for more Calgarians to create jobs for persons with disabilities by diverting recycling from the landfill. To learn more about our free recycling pick-up service visit



V: What is your position at Vecova?

JS: I’m the account representative for Vecova’s Bottle Pick-Up Service. I interface with our donors and coordinate the daily residential pick-up routes for our driver. I’m also focusing on setting up routes in the commercial and high-density residential areas. I’ll be working with a team of summer students from May to the end of August. They’ll be going door-to-door signing up new participants in our bottle pick-up service in communities such as Silver Springs, Dalhousie, Scenic Acres, Royal Oak, Strathcona, Coach Hill, Patterson and more.

V: What is the most exciting thing about Vecova for you?

JS: The most exciting thing about working at Vecova is seeing how our friends with disabilities are engaging with our support staff. Vecova is all about valuing others and you can see it in action here all day long. The other side of this is that I get to be part of a team helping to build a recycling program that employs persons with disabilities. This is a win-win situation.

V: How do you see the Vecova Bottle Pick-Up benefiting Calgarians?

JS: Vecova’s Bottle Pick-Up Service provides several benefits to Calgarians. Firstly, the proceeds from  the donations of empty beverage containers enable us to employ persons with disabilities and also help finance the charitable programs and services we offer. Secondly, people tell us they appreciate the convenience of our service and like the cause it supports. We provide bags and a handy bag stand, and schedule regular pick-ups. On top of that, our donors receive an annual income tax receipt for the value of the empties they give us

V: What excites you about the way Vecova Bottle Pick-Up serves Calgarians?

JS: I love talking to people who donate to our Bottle Pick-Up program. They’re socially conscious and environmentally responsible. They love our cause and they’re glad to recycle through a non-profit bottle depot. We’re serving Calgarians with developmental disabilities and, through innovative programs, research and services, Vecova is helping to build better communities.

V: Why is it important for persons with disabilities to have an opportunity to be supported in a workplace environment like Vecova Bottle Pick-Up?

JS: These opportunities are building blocks for their personal growth and development and reinforce the fact that they are valued members of society.

V: Vecova Bottle Pick-Up is sustainable in that it diverts recycling from the landfill to create jobs for persons with disabilities and finance the charitable work of Vecova. What do you think that says about the business and why it might interest different members of Calgary’s community?

JS: Calgarians have several choices when it comes to recycling their empties, but it’s surprising to learn that there’s still approximately one million dollars’ worth of recyclable beverage containers going into Calgary landfills every month.  We want to change that! We believe that our Bottle Pick-Up Service provides a sustainable option by not just diverting these recyclables from our landfills but in creating jobs for persons with disabilities. This concept is attractive because we’re creating jobs, supporting Vecova’s programs, services and research, helping the environment and offering an easy, convenient and stress-free way for people to recycle their empties. As someone said, “It’s a great non-cash way to donate.”

Sign me up!

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