Thefts to Vecova Bottle Pick-Up Service

Vecova Bottle Pick-Up Service has recently been negatively affected by a rash of donation thefts. These groups and/or individuals have taken Vecova-branded bins and bags of recyclable bottles that are specifically collected to donate back to Vecova. Our Bottle Pick-Up Service is an important part of what we do at Vecova. Donations generated from this business go directly to the persons with disabilities in Calgary and the Bow Valley Corridor who we serve.

While this is disappointing and upsetting, we are thankful to everyone for showing their support to us in this situation. We are hopeful that any coverage and publicity regarding these thefts will hinder any potential future disruptions to the donations we receive for our community. 

For more information, we encourage you to read the CBC news story here.

Update: For an interview with those affected, plus surveillance footage, please watch the CTV Calgary segment here.

If you have any information regarding these thefts, please contact the Calgary Police Service. 

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Vecova is currently responding to an incident involving XXXX. At this time, our priority is to ensure the safety of all Vecova stakeholders. As more details are available, they will be communicated through our website.