Talent and passion at Vecova Bottle Depot


Meet Ron, the manager at Vecova Bottle Depot.

He is one of the many reasons why Vecova Bottle Depot is a workplace where people feel comfortable, valuable, and full of pride when they go to work.

“The average work turnover is every 6 months. Here at Vecova Bottle Depot, we have employees that have been working here for up to 15 years!”

Ron believes in efficiency but not just because of how it helps business but how it helps people. The public may not realize that these jobs offered rely on teamwork and in some cases can be physically demanding. But it is this belief and the Bottle Depot’s innovative technology that helps employ a wider range of skills. Being the first location to have a till at every counting station and first Calgary location in Calgary to have a counting system, Vecova’s vision of integration has been guided by its successful innovation.

“It actually began as a training facility only to build skills,” Ron says, “I am proud to be a part of changing that into real work where people can feel pride in their jobs.”

When asked about what we can learn from Vecova Bottle Depot, Ron said “If you keep tailoring the work towards what someone can do well, you will always build success.”



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