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Vecova Summer Day Camps

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Discover Vecova’s exciting, educational and inclusive camps, like Mini Chefs, Amazing Artists, Mad Scientists and more! For ages 5-14 years old.

Registration for summer day camps begins in Spring 2019.

About our Summer Day Camps

Things to know about Vecova Day Camps:

  • Vecova Recreation Centre day camps provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment where safety and fun for campers is our highest priority.
  • Each Thursday, theme camps participate in an offsite adventure. In previous years, campers have gone to the Zoo, Heritage Park, Calgary Corn Maze and Telus Spark. Confirmation of where your camper will be going will be confirmed on the first day of each camp week. There are no offsite trips during the July 3-6, 2018 camps and the July 30-August 2, 2018 camps.
  • Camp registration fees include offsite transportation and admission costs. Campers will be given a bright yellow camp hat to wear on the field trip. This increases visibility and safety. Campers must wear this hat to participate in the field trip. The hat is theirs to keep.
  • Every week is filled with learning, crafts, games, activities and lots of fun geared toward age-appropriate child development.
  • All of our camp leaders are trained/certified in HIGH FIVE (Healthy Principles of Childhood Development).
  • Campers will get to enjoy an awesome swimming playtime in our warm water pool throughout the week. The pool is reserved for the exclusive use of camps for 1 hour per day (excluding field trip days) Life jackets and increased leader ratios are provided to ensure safety.
Summer Theme Camps

Under the Sea
July 3 to 6, 2018 (4 days) | Ages 5-12 years
With seashells, sea creatures and mer-people, we will create our own underwater worlds. We may even encounter turtles, jellyfish and deep sea treasures!

Engineering for Kids (EFK): Junior Adventure and Robotics Camp
July 3 to 6, 2018 (4 days) | Ages 4-7 years
The young adventurers will discover the fascinating world of engineering and robotics as they are challenged to program and create various builds using the engineering design process. The sky’s the limit when you bring your imagination to the table. Find your inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play with EFK!

Wild, Wild West
July 9 to 13, 2018 |  Ages 5-12 years
Howdy, partner! It’s time to grab a cowboy hat, saddle up and show off your Western skills! Join us for tin can target practice and hunt for the most wanted cowboy in the West.

Mother Nature is Calling July 16 to 20, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Get outside and discover all that Mother Nature has to offer. Bug hunts, leaf painting, animal masks and more! This week is filled with hands-on outdoor adventures.

Lights, Camera, Action!
July 23 to 27, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Get ready for the spotlight. With a performance for parents at the end of the week, campers will create a play, design costumes and props and learn all the tips and tricks of theatre.

Superhero Party
July 30 to August 3, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Become a snow princess like Elsa, a strong warrior like Iron Man, or even a Blue Genie! This week, we will ride magic carpets in obstacle challenges and sing our hearts out to Hakuna Matata! Show off your favourite Disney character for dress-up day.

Secret Spy Training Camp
August 7 to 10, 2018 (4 days) | Ages 5-12 years
Attention all top secret agents! You have one week to solve a great Vecova mystery. Suit up in your spy gear and decipher codes to get to the bottom of this crazy case!

Mad Scientists Unite!
August 13 to 17, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Uncover the principles of science by making density towers, marbled milk art and gooey slime. Bring your toothbrush because we’ll be mixing up elephant toothpaste!

Get Unplugged, Get Active!
August 20 to 24, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Run, jump, throw, roll! Each day will introduce new sports and games from soccer to kickball, volleyball and track and field.

Engineering for Kids (EFK): Building Cities & Minecraft EDUCamp
August 27 to 31, 2018 | Ages 7-14 years
The morning kicks off with excitement as students form their very own construction crew and work together as a team to build a city from the ground up. After a hard day of work, we turn the clocks back to the Medieval times through the fun game of MinecraftEDU. Kids are introduced to programming and electrical engineering through a medieval themed adventure of creation, exploration, and castle besieging. Learn, Play, and Code! Find your inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play with EFK!

Summer Send-Off
August 27 to 31, 2018 | Ages 5-12 years
Bid farewell to the summer with all of your favourite games and activities! This week, you can do anything, from playing balloon tennis, creating a sun catcher or designing a dragon egg!

Summer Specialty Camps

Mini Chefs
Weekly sessions from July 3 to August 20, 2018 | 4 or 5 days | Ages 8-14 years
Back by popular demand, Mini Chefs is being offered every week this summer. Registration includes the cost of food. Mini Chefs is all about learning the fundamentals of cooking healthy and nutritious meals with a few sweets in-between. Each camper will prepare and make their own meals each day. Campers will take home a recipe book of meals at the end of the week.

 Vecova’s mini chefs will be introduced to the culinary scene and will even cook a meal with a guest chef. Tasty meals will be prepared and accompanied by skills of the trade. This camp also features an Iron Chef Vecova challenge at the end of each week.

Survival Skills Boot Camp
July 9 to 13, 2018 (4 days) | Ages 8-14 years
What does it take to survive in the wilderness? Learn to navigate using a compass, tie ultra-strong knots, and make delicious survival snacks. Activities will be directed by a former Chief Warrant Officer of an Air Cadet Squadron.

Amazing Artists
July 23 to 27, 2018 | Ages 8-14 years
Campers will explore different techniques of painting, paper mache, sculpting and drawing with the guidance of an experienced artist. Get ready, things may get messy!

Designers of the Future
August 7 to 10, 2018 (4 days) |  Ages 8-14 years
Ever dreamed of designing a bridge? Constructing the tallest tower you can imagine? Creating your own clothing? Now is your chance! Our designers of the future will dive into the world of creating with hands-on activities and challenges. Design your own birdhouse, or even clothing!

Leadership & Babysitters Camp
August 20 to 24, 2018 | Ages 11-14 years
This week, our budding leaders will complete the Stay Safe program, earn their babysitters certificate and discover what it takes to be a lifeguard. It’s time to shine and learn new skills!

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Vecova Swimming Lessons

swimming lessons

Registration for Fall Session 2 Swimming Lessons is now open. 

To register online please visit, call (403) 284-2231 or speak to a Customer Service Representative at our front desk.

Click here for a full list of our Fall 2018 swimming lessons. To register online please visit, call (403) 284-2231 or speak to a Customer Service Representative at our front desk.

Click here for a full list of our Winter/Spring 2019 swimming lessons. To register online please visit, call (403) 284-2231 or speak to a Customer Service Representative at our front desk.

Swim Program: Information

Red Cross Preschool Swim Program

Red Cross Preschool Swim program is an eight-level stand-alone program for four-month to six-year old children based on age and ability. The parented Starfish, Duck and Sea Turtle classes are participant based only. Children move to the next level on the basis of their developmental stage and age. Sea Otter to Whale are un-parented classes and are evaluated based on performance criteria and progress to the next level once all criteria have been successfully completed.

Red Cross Swim Kids Program

The Red Cross Swim Kids program is a 10-level standalone program for 6 to 12 year old children. Children learn to swim, be fit and safe in a fun environment that promotes achieving a personal best and celebrates personal success. The program teaches swimming and survival strokes as well as increasing the distance and speed that each swimmer can achieve. Swimmers are also taught how to make safe decisions in, on and around the water.

Red Cross Adapted Swim Program

Swimming is an essential life skill for safety, fun and fitness! Children with exceptionalities are encouraged to register in the Red Cross Adapted Swim program. Children will learn and follow the Red Cross Preschool and Swim Kids levels with small group classes.

Red Cross Swim Basics (Adult Lessons)

Red Cross Swim Basics is a two-level learn-to-swim program for adults and teens. These courses are designed to develop or increase swimmers’ comfort in the water through basic flotation, movement and breathing skills. Swimmers are also instructed on the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to stay safe in, on and around the water.

Junior Lifeguard Club

The Junior Lifeguard Club provides high-energy activity challenges in a learning environment both in the classroom and on the pool deck. Youth develop skills in swimming, lifesaving, fitness, leadership and teamwork. Prerequisite: 8 years old and the ability to swim 25 metres and tread water for two minutes.

Personal Swim Assessments

If you are unsure of what level to register in or are transferring from a different swim program, please have your child evaluated by an instructor for free. To set up a swim assessment time please contact (403) 284-2231.

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are available for swimmers who work best in a one-on-one environment, or who need a little extra instruction to master a skill. Private lessons allow specialized attention for swimmers of any age or ability. Note: Report cards are not provided.


Red Cross Swim Preschool Program: Parented Levels

Starfish (4 to 12 months)

This is an introductory class for babies and their parent or caregiver. To enter this level, babies must be able to hold their head up independently. The goals are to help babies experience buoyancy and movement through song and play in the water and to teach the parent/caregiver age-specific water safety.

Duck (12 to 24 months)

This class is for toddlers or older babies with a parent or caregiver. Swimmers learn how to use floating objects for support and explore different water movements through games, songs and active water play. The parent/caregiver also learns age-specific water safety

Sea Turtle (24 to 36 months)

In this class, parents will assist their children in the water while developing skills in swimming, gliding and floating. Swimmers learn, through fun games and songs, how to combine skills, how to kick with a buoyant object and how to perform basic floats, glides and kicks.

Red Cross Swim Preschool Program: Unparented Levels | Ages 3-6 years

Sea Otter Level

For children 3 to 6 years old who have not previously taken swimming lessons, sea otter is where they will enter the program. Using games and activities, swimmers learn how to open their eyes under the water, further develop basic floats and glides and swim 1 metre. They also learn age-appropriate water safety skills.

Salamander Level

Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 2 metres, further develop basic floats and increase their distance on front and back glide. Front swim and roll-over glide are also included, and swimmers learn appropriate water safety skills such as how to jump into chest-deep water.

Sunfish Level

Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 5 metres, increase their distance using buoyant objects, increase their front and back glide with kick, and develop their roll-over glide, side glide and front swim. Safety skills include deep water skills and use of a Personal Flotation Device.

Crocodile Level

Through games and other fun activities, swimmers learn to swim 5 metres on their front and back, perform a dolphin kick and begin using rhythmic breathing. They also progress with kicking drills and increase their swimming distance to 10 metres.

Whale Level

Through fun activities, swimmers perform a front and back swim for 10 metres. Swimmers work on developing their flutter kick and perform a distance swim of 15 metres.

Red Cross Swim Kids Program: Ages 6 years and up

Swim Kids Level 1

Swimmers receive an orientation to water and the pool area and work on floats, glides and kicking. Swimmers build their endurance by working on the 5 metres front swim.

Swim Kids Level 2

Swimmers work on propulsion skills to move through the water and to remain at the surface. Swimmers work on the front swim (5 metres) and learn about deep water activities and the proper use of a personal flotation device. Fitness activities include the 10 metre flutter kick and a 10 metre distance swim.

Swim Kids Level 3

Through fun activities, swimmers perform a front and back swim for 10 metres. Swimmers work on developing their flutter kick and perform a distance swim of 15 metres.

Swim Kids Level 4

This level introduces the front crawl (10 metres) and back swim with shoulder roll (15 metre). Swimmers work on kneeling dives, surface support (45 seconds, deep water) and developing a greater sense of self-safety by understanding their own limits. Endurance is built through a 25 metre swim.

Swim Kids Level 5

This level introduces the back crawl (15 metres), sculling skills, whip kick on the back, stride dives and treading water. Front crawl increases to 15 metres. An introduction to safe boating skills is also included. Endurance is developed through a 50 metre swim.

Swim Kids Level 6

This level refines front crawl with a focus on hand entry and breathing (25 metres), back crawl with a focus on arm positions and body roll (25 metres), introduces elementary back stroke (15 metres), safety on ice and the rescue of others with throwing assists. Swimmers demonstrate the front dive and their ability to tread water for 1.5 minutes. Endurance is built through dolphin kick and a 75 metre swim.

Swim Kids Level 7 & 8

Level 7 builds skills and endurance for the front crawl (50 metres), back crawl (50 metres) and elementary backstroke (25 metres) and introduces whip kick on the front. Swimmers learn about airway and breathing obstructions, reach assists and stride entry. Swimming endurance is increased to a 150 metre swim.

Level 8 is an introduction to breast stroke (15 metre) and feet-first surface dives. Swimmers learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia, the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults and standing shallow dives. Swimmers participate in timed treading water activities using the eggbeater skill for 3 minutes to improve their ability to remain at the surface in the event of an unexpected fall into water. Endurance is built on a 300 metre swim. Front crawl and back crawl distances are increased to 75 metres each.

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Children’s Programs

Vecova Recreation Centre caters to pre-school children. We have playschool programs, arts and dance classes plus a variety of introduction to sport programs. It’s a fun place for your child to be exposed to a variety of sports and learn some basic skills.

Children's Programs

Curiosity Club Ages 3-5

For children who are curious and love to play! Children can explore with us as they build, roll, launch, pour, mix, shake, observe and question their way through fun activities in a playful approach to science and nature.

Early Explorers Ages 3-5

Children will have fun exploring in this class as they play, create and imagine with their new friends. A trip to our gym for more active play adds to the fun. Each child’s interest and passion will be encouraged and facilitated as they blaze a new path each day.

Playschool Club (Parented) Ages 2-3

Parents and children engage in organized, playful activities that strengthen the parent and child relationship. The program is designed to teach children at an early stage of rapid development and provides them with learning opportunities through play, social interaction, story time, hands-on activities, songs, crafts and games. Class size is no greater than eight participants per class so be sure to register early.

Playschool Club (Transitions) Age 3-4

Concerned about separation anxiety? This program begins as a parented class so parents and their children can familiarize themselves with the class routine. Each week parents are invited to leave a bit earlier until the final class, which is completely un-parented.

Superhero Club Ages 3-5

Calling all SuperKids! Bring your super self and super energy for a fun afternoon of play, games, stories, crafts and superhero gym time! Children will begin in the classroom and learn more about superheroes and create super crafts. Then they will head to the gym to tackle a different superhero obstacle course each week. Come discover new superpowers and make new friends.

Ready, Set, Go Ages 3-5

This active play based program will introduce children to all of the basic exercise movement skills including running, twisting, kicking, jumping, catching and throwing. Through exercise-based games and active play, children will burn off some of their boundless energy while enhancing motor skills and gaining a lifelong love of exercise.

Busy Builders Ages 3-5

Perfect for children interested in towers, forts and building blocks! Children will spend time in the classroom building with blocks, recyclables and craft material. Then they will head to the gym to play games and build with our giant foam gym blocks. Using their imagination, children can build anything!

Run, Jump and Play Ages 3-5

Come join us for a fun filled afternoon of activities and games in the gym, free play in the classroom and optional craft activities for the creative at heart. There is something for everyone in this action-packed program where kids can be kids.

Athletic Tots (Parented) Ages 2-3

In this class, children will develop skills relating to body and spatial awareness. Children will work on balance, throwing, catching and kicking. Through practice and instructor support, children will build up their confidence while enhancing their motor skills.

Little Athletes: Intro to Sport Ages 3-4

Have an energetic child at home? Have them join this introduction to sport. Children will explore a different sport each week, including floor hockey, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and more!

Hip Hop (Hooray!) Ages 6-9

In this course, children will learn the basics of hip-hop dance from a fun, young, competitive dancer with five years of competition experience. Watch coordination, self-confidence, positive attitudes, and a potential lifelong love for exercise and dance grow every week thanks to this fun based program. On the last day of the program there will be a hip-hop dance recital so parents can be amazed by all that their child has learned!

To view our current preschool programs and more information, click here.
To register online, click here.

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Engineering for Kids (EFK)

Engineering For Kids offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs for kids ages 4-15 years old, uncovering the fun in STEM learning through hands-on engineering activities. Our young engineers build on their natural curiosity while solving real world engineering problems. We encourage kids to explore their inner engineer through innovation, collaboration and play.

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Empower Abilities

Empower Abilities Small

Developmental Coordination Disorder: What does it mean?
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a delay in the development of motor skills. People with DCD have difficulty coordinating motor skills and movements, which affects the performance of everyday tasks and sport skills.

About the Empower Abilities Program
Empower Abilities is a program for children and youth (4 to 21 years of age) with mild to moderate motor delays and disabilities. The program assists them in developing the capacity, skill and confidence for community sport, fitness and recreational activities.

Click here to view our Empower Abilities brochure. 

Would Empower Abilities be a good program for my child?
Does your child:
· Have difficulty coordinating movements?
· Have delays in certain motor skills (i.e., bike riding, ball catching)?
· Have difficulty with activities that require constant changes in body position?
· Have difficulties with activities that require coordination of both sides of the body?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then our program may be for you!

What’s the next step?
To be accepted into the program, your child must be assessed by our physical therapist to determine fit with the Empower Abilities program.

Contact to learn more about pricing and to book an assessment.

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Birthday Parties

Let Vecova host your child’s birthday party! We lead games or activities in our gym or pool and provide a party room for your convenience. Parties occur on Saturdays and Sundays.*

Create your own party with a combination of themes: sports, play, swimming and room rentals. Maximum 12 children per party.

Call (403) 284-2231 ext. 3 to book your party now!

Our parties are popular so we recommend booking 8 weeks in advance

Party Guidelines
  • Adult To Child Swim Ratios: Adult admission is included to meet ratios. Extra fees apply for entry above ratio requirements.
    • 8 years and older: 1 adult per 8 children
    • 4-7 years: 1 adult per 4 children
  • It is recommended that you book at least eight weeks in advance.
  • All parties must be paid in full at time of booking.
  • Cancellations made up to seven days prior to the party start date are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made within seven days of the party are nonrefundable unless a medical note is provided.
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own food or have food delivered.
Rental Options for Parties

Swim Party

One hour of play in the pool and one hour in the party room. Children 7 years and younger will be placed in a Personal Flotation Device. Children 8 years and older will be required to do a swim test. Swim parties must abide by adult to child swim ratios. Pool parties are held during the public swim time.

Gym Party

One hour of play in the gym and one hour in the party room. Choose from either a sports theme or play theme! We supervise in the gym. Guests supervise in the party room.

Play and Splash

One hour of play in the gym, one hour in the pool and one hour in the party room. We supervise in the pool and gym. Guests supervise in the party room.


Additional Options

Party Rooms: This is the perfect place to serve cake and open birthday presents. Plus, we clean up the room after! An instructor is not provided for room supervision or support.

Party Leader: Looking for some assistance? A party leader can be hired to help facilitate the games (based on party leader availability).

Party Invitation Templates

For further details and prices, click here.

*Due to the revamping of our birthday parties, we will not be booking any parties during July and August.  We will begin booking birthday parties by mid-August for September.

Please note our facilities are not air-conditioned.

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