Vecova Bottle Depot provides fast, accurate service
7 days a week.

We use the latest technology and skilled workers to process your refund faster. We count your order by deposit value (10₵ or 25₵) and leave the slower product sorting for the warehouse. This means less wait time and quick moving lines for our customers.

In 2011 the Vecova Bottle Depot will process over 14 million containers, handle close to 60,000 customer orders and serve more than 55 businesses, schools and community groups. More than $250,000 will flow back into the community through bottle drives and fundraisers that use our services.

Vecova Bottle Depot is Calgary’s only non-profit depot. We employ persons with disabilities and provide a recycling service to the community. Your support of this Calgary Bottle Depot helps to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities whether you use our depot to receive your refund or donate your beverage containers to support Vecova.

What Can Your Donations Do?

When you choose to donate your bottles and cans, you help Vecova enhance the lives of people with disabilities. The refund value of your donations goes directly to supporting the research, services and programs that enable our clients to lead full lives—just like you.

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Vecova is currently responding to an incident involving XXXX. At this time, our priority is to ensure the safety of all Vecova stakeholders. As more details are available, they will be communicated through our website.