Beverage Container Pick-Up

Vecova Beverage Container Pick-Up is a free, easy to use recycling pick-up service diverting refundable beverage containers from the landfill while creating employment for persons with disabilities.

Homeowners, condos and organizations can sign up for beverage container pick-up. Vecova provides bags, bin and a $16 tax receipt for every full bag recycled. Proceeds are used to support Vecova disability services and research. 

Beverage Container Pick-Up employs clients of Vecova Disability Services. Your generous support has enabled us to create five jobs for individuals with a disability and to recycle over 1 million empty beverage containers.

For more information and to sign up for the service, please visit

Contact information:
3304 33 Street NW
Calgary, AB
T2L 2A6
Tel: 403-267-1240


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