Contracts for Services

Violence Prevention Review

Canadians with disabilities experience violence at an alarming rate – double that of Canadians without disabilities. The Canadian Women’s Foundation sought our expertise to conduct a Violence Prevention Review and to provide recommendations to guide their national grant making strategy on eradicating violence against women with disabilities.

HR Pro-Tracker

The Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) in collaboration with the Alberta Seniors and Community Supports Persons with Developmental Disabilities Program (PDD) contracted us to develop the HR Pro-Tracker – a Community Disability Services Sector Tool that tracks HR information that can be used to develop strategic responses to disability sector workforce issues in Alberta.

Financial Literacy: Money Management Education

Making responsible financial decisions is critical to the prosperity and quality of life of Canadians – Canada’s Task Force on Financial Literacy. For low income Canadians, financial literacy is a fundamental life skill that many lack, leaving them vulnerable to a lifetime of poverty and insecurity.

A series of financial literacy workshops were created to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of Calgarians with low literacy. Momentum – a Community Economic Development Society contracted our award-winning Plain Language Translation Program to transform this resource into an easy and accessible format for persons with low English literacy to equip them with essential life skills for meaningful community participation.

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