External Resources

Think then Drink is a resource that has been developed with the help of many other alcohol related resources. If you would like to learn more about alcohol, look at these websites for youth, educators and parents. These websites can be worked into the workshop as needed.


  • Alberta Health Services: ABC’s Fact sheets about alcohol
    Informational resources about alcohol, its impact, addiction, treatment and other resources.


  • The Cool Spot
    A website discussing alcohol and helpful tips for youth to learn about alcohol moderation.
  • Drinking & You
    A website with an interactive and educational tool to learn more about how alcohol can impact your body in the short-term and the long-term.


  • Alberta Health Services: Parent information series
    Information about many different addiction topics to help parents educate themselves as well as their children about alcohol addictions.
  • Alberta Health Services and RCMP: Keeping Kids Addiction-Free
    A resource for parents to foster a positive environment and open conversation about alcohol and drug use/abuse.
  • Drink Smart
    An international alcohol moderation campaign to help reduce the harm caused by an excess of alcohol consumption.

Educators/ Professionals:

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