#PinkShirtDay #MakeNoise

#PinkShirtDay – Research shows that persons with developmental disabilities are more likely to be bullied than their non-disabled peers.

Vecova Research Services worked alongside students with disabilities to develop Guard Against Bullying – tools made for persons with developmental disabilities to arm themselves against bullying.

Vecova Bullying Day

Left to Right: Vecova IT Support Administrator Shannon Walker, Research Coordinator Curtis Slater, Communications Manager Jenalene Antony

“Students with disabilities who are transitioning from elementary school to junior high school are more likely to be bullied,” explains Research Service’s Coordinator Curtis Slater. “We saw the value in developing a program that would provide students with the skills and resources to combat bullying, to stand up as advocates and reduce the negative impact of bullying on our community.”

Shannon Walker has a child with a learning disability. “The other kids don’t understand so it is really difficult for him to fit in. He really just wants to belong. It is so important that there are things like (PinkShirtDay), this is helpful, I appreciate things like this.”

Jenalene Antony has seen what can happen when people stand together against bullying. “It is so important that we are able to help people who are vulnerable to bullying get access to resources like Vecova Research Service’s free program. I’d like to encourage everyone to “make noise” and help spread the word that bullying is not okay, there are much better ways of living with one another’s differences.”

Learn more about Vecova Research Services free, online resource kit designed for persons with developmental disabilities: Guard Against Bullying

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