NEW: Vecova Recreation Centre offers Health and Wellness Talks

Vecova Health and Wellness Talks will help you understand how you can improve and sustain your health and fitness by eating the right foods for your lifestyle. Ever wondered about doing a detox? Have questions about what foods can help you thrive as you age. These health and nutrition talks will answer questions you have about your personal fitness.

FEB 11 | 7PM | Cleansing and Detox

Spring cleaning isn’t just for our closets anymore! The body also benefits from a spring cleanse or detoxification! Join us for this 1 hour session on cleansing and detoxification and learn about the benefits, who should and who shouldn’t, how to do it safely and how to use simple nutritious foods to reboot the body systems and boost up energy in preparation for a refreshing spring and active summer


Health and Wellness Talks Poster - Cleansing and Detoxification Online

Health and Wellness Talks Poster – Cleansing and Detoxification Online

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