Meet Alice, the New Bottle Pick-Up Digital Assistant


In December, the Vecova Bottle Pick-Up launched an innovative new technology to make the service more accessible to our donors. Developed by Sean Estey, manager of Social Enterprise, the program operates like a basic form of the well-known Apple personal assistant Siri.

Named Alice, this Bottle Pick-Up digital assistant answers customer service questions, the most common one being:
“When is my next pick-up date?”

Here is a recent text conversation between Alice and a donor:

“Our bottles did not get picked up yesterday. May we reschedule, please?”

Alice: “Good morning. How can I help you? Ask me about your SCHEDULE for your next pickup date, or request live SUPPORT.”

“Live support please. Thx”

Alice: “Tell me what you need help with and I’ll forward your request to the right person.”

“I need to reschedule our pick up.”

Alice: “Thank you. I’ll have someone contact you as soon as possible. Enjoy your morning.”

Alice can also respond to our donors with their pickup schedule, allow them to opt out of pickups, add special instructions for our driver, and more. It’s made the service a lot more accessible, and created a unique experience for our donors.

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