Fall Registration | Frequently Asked Questions

This fall our registration process is a little different. Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you with trouble shooting as you create your new account on our new registration system and register for classes this fall!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Vecova Fall Registration 2014

The following are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Setting Up an Account

Our system is new, but it still has a few bugs. The following will help you through common problems people are having when setting up an account.

Browsers: Our new system is not compatible with Safari. You will need to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Message Denied: if you receive a message saying “message denied”, your account is set up, however you need to log off and back in again to make any further changes to your account or register.

Add a 3rd family member: Sometimes the system will not allow you to enter more than 2 other family members on initial set up. Log off and log back in again and you will be able to add more family members.

Credits: Credits on your previous Vecova account will be transferred to your new account; however this will not occur until October.

Credit Cards: You can save your own credit card numbers in the system for future registrations.

If you have problems with setting up your account, please contact customer service at 403 284-2231.


Fall Registration is only open for Session 1 on August 21.  After assessing the Session 1 registrations, we will communicate when the Session 2 registrations will be open.

Password lock-out: You are only allowed 5 attempts to log in with the correct email and password. If you are locked-out, you will need to call customer service to have your account re-set. Please use the recover password feature if you cannot remember your password.

Outside of age group: If your child is younger than the program allows, the system will not allow you to register on line. You may call customer service or visit us at reception to complete these registrations.

Fees: There continues to be a fee for online registration of $0.50/transaction + 5.5% of the total transaction amount.



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