Research Services Practicum Student Placements

Vecova Research Services offers Practicum Student placements throughout the year. This year Tessa Veikle and Clayton Li joined the team.

Tessa Veikle

V: What is your role at Vecova?

TV: My role at Vecova is as a research assistant.

V: What interested you in coming to Vecova?

TV: Vecova interested me because of its long standing history as an organization serving individuals with disabilities in Calgary, but also because of the ways it is innovative and unique. Vecova’s research department, which looks into relevant topics and uses their findings to improve and inform their services, sets them apart from other organizations in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada.

V: How does the work you do improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities?

TV: My research work surrounds the housing support services that Vecova offers. The information gathered in this project will help to inform decisions about changes or future developments in the area of housing supports. My research will help to ensure the needs of the individuals we serve can be better met.

V: Has there been an experience at Vecova that helped you understand why the work you do is so important for persons with disabilities?

TV: Every opportunity I have to meet and talk with people who Vecova serves, I am reminded of the importance of providing services that are tailored to their specific needs and informed by current best practices and research. They deserve the best, and continual evaluation and research can help Vecova provide that.

V: What do you hope to bring to Vecova – what impact do you hope to have?

TV: Over my time here, I have become somewhat of an advocate for knowledge mobilization- that is ensuring the information and data from research is put into action and used to create positive change. I hope I can raise awareness and excitement, as well as share some specific strategies of knowledge mobilization. 


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